Homework & Student Sites

Homework Information, Homework Tips, and Websites Students Use

Homework is a vehicle that can enable the student to reinforce skills, capitalize on individual interests, strengthen teacher-child-parent relationships and improve the student’s understanding. Homework assignments appropriate to the subject and grade level can be of significant value to the student’s growth in knowledge and skills.

Study Time Guidelines

Listed below are the general guidelines for average length of daily homework for students.

  • Kindergarten 10 minutes maximum

  • 1st Grade 10 minutes

  • 2nd Grade 20 minutes

  • 3rd Grade 30 minutes

  • 4th Grade 35 minutes

  • 5th Grade 40 minutes

  • 6th Grade 45 minutes

  • 7th Grade 55 minutes

  • 8th Grade 60 minutes

Absence Classroom Work

Work not completed due to an absence from school must be completed upon returning to school. For each day a child is absent from school, one day will be allocated to them to make up their assignments. Parents are encouraged to request homework assignments for students who are ill for several days or are going to be gone for other reasons.

Assignment Notebooks

The school provides students with assignment notebooks and the use of assignment notebooks is mandatory for grades 3 – 8. It is the responsibility of the parent to sign off daily on the completion of the work.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated reader is a program that tests your child's comprehension of the books and reading selections that they have read. The Star Reading and Star Math components of this section are used to gauge student progress throughout the year.

Vocabulary A-Z

Vocabulary A-Z is an online program used to teach spelling and vocabulary at all of the grade levels of Kansasville Grade School. Here is another site you can go to that has tips on how to study spelling words:
Super Summary

IXL Math & Language

IXL is an online web site that students use to practice and master the skills taught in math, language, social studies, and science at all of the grade levels of Kansasville Grade School.

Moby Max

Moby Max is an excellent site for practicing reading and math skills.

Career Cruising

This is for work on career planning.

Into Math

Into Math is the digital component for our math series and is used by students in grades K-8.

Savvas Science

Savvas Realize is the online component for our Elevate Science Series.