Bus Schedule

These pick up times are approximate. They can change depending on the weather and other circumstances.

Please allow a little extra time either way.

Blue Bus or Bus 2

7:46 AM

21400s-Durand Ave.

7:48 AM-7:50 AM

3700s-2000s – S. Britton Rd.

7:55 AM

400s-S. Raynor Rd.

8:04 AM

2000s-N. Britton Rd.

8:10 AM

1100s S. Beaumont Ave.

8:11 AM

3000s-S. Beaumont Ave.

Purple Bus or Bus 1

7:55-7:56 AM

4000s-South Beaumont Ave.

8:01 AM-8:03 AM

4900s-4400s-Schoen Rd.

8:09 AM

22800s-Deer Meadow Drive

8:10 AM

4100s-Stormy Drive

8:11 AM

4100s-4000s-Felicia Run

8:12 AM

22700s-Dear Meadow Drive